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Hi! We’re Isabeaux and Lennie. True soulmates, although our friendship started very unexpectedly. We understand each other very well and are always on the same wavelength. Both very enthusiastic and go-getters at heart. When we go for something, we give it our all. And Coucou was no exception.

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The name “Coucou” comes from our love for Paris and the way we greet eachother. It’s a casual, cool way of saying hello and that’s exactly the vibe we want to achieve with our collections as well. The pieces will catch the eye without you having to make an effort and they will give you instant happy vibes.

Coucou aims to create unique pieces that fit perfectly in your existing closet but stand out in a way that’s hard to describe. Discover exclusive styles to mix and match. Lose yourself in endless combinations and remember there are no rules in this house!

We strive to give you the most comfy on-trend pieces so you can feel your best & look fabulous while doing so. Each piece gives you happy and good vibes to brighten up any moment/day.